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With ACG culture overtaking the whole world, sex dolls lovers developed a growing crave for two dimensions characters. IROKEBIJIN「色氣美人」 was established under such backdrop.

IROKEBIJIN「色氣美人」means “sexy ladies” in Japanese. It was created by sex dolls designer Mizuwali in 2021. This brand was aimed at designing and manufacturing silicone and TPE dolls with Japanese anime style. We hope to use different materials to build anime style dolls with different characters, sizes, and perfectly combine aesthetics and enjoyment along with practicability as opposed to BJO, DD or Smart Doll which are not practical for sex. IROKEBIJIN「色氣美人」will make your dreams come true!


It doesn’t matter if you’re a lover of Japanese animated porn, ordinary Japanese porn, R-18, Hentai, H game or any kind of fantasy, IROKEBIJIN「色氣美人」will do our best to make that happen. You’ll find different kinds of sex dolls with different styles, bode shapes (Big breasts, big ass, JK, Ahegao, Kawai), faces in the products we offer. We’re also determined to add more as we grow.

Our brand spirit is to try our best to meet the needs of customers with professional capabilities. In the future, we will continue to develop in the two directions of more refined craftsmanship and more beautiful design and development, allowing us to connect with the increasingly powerful 2-dimensional world. Grow together!!


About Mizuwali


The nearly 50-year-old Mizuwali has been engaged in the design and production of sex dolls for over 10 years. He is also an amateur doll photographer. He was also an anime enthusiast when he was young. He has created many classic sex dolls in the past 10 years and owns 4 brands: Doll House 168, Piper Doll, Doll-forever, and Irokebijin.


Our head office is located in Ningbo City, China, and the factory is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. We provide one-stop operation from doll prototype design to mold making, raw material blending, skeleton production, doll production and post-processing. Partners who want to become agents are welcome to visit, provide guidance and discuss cooperation.

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