All the silicone dolls produced by Irokebijin are made of “platinum silicone,” which is a medical-grade, non-toxic material that provides a realistic human touch sensation.

History and Evolution of Silicone Dolls

In the early days, platinum silicone fell short in terms of softness and oiliness compared to TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) materials. As a result, silicone dolls back then were primarily considered more of collectible items than practical ones. Even for those who used them, the dolls were often uncomfortable due to their hard texture, resulting in unpleasant experiences. Additionally, the early platinum silicone material had subpar performance in terms of tear resistance and stretchability, making the dolls susceptible to severe tearing in areas such as the armpits, groin, or wounds. Consequently, silicone dolls were gradually replaced by TPE dolls and were gradually forgotten by doll lovers.

In recent years, due to continuous improvement and evolution of platinum silicone material, it has demonstrated excellent softness and tear resistance. The dolls made from these material have significantly reduced surface oiliness, resulting in drier and more pleasant skin. The tactile experience of platinum silicone even surpasses that of TPE, leading to renewed favor from doll manufacturers and end-users.

Advantages of Platinum Silicone in Doll Making

Platinum silicone has a higher material density than TPE, allowing for superior fine detailing after molding. The new generation of platinum silicone material not only provides outstanding softness but also offers rich layers of texture, closely resembling human touch. Furthermore, platinum silicone exhibits slower aging compared to TPE, enabling silicone dolls to maintain their quality for a longer period of time.

Since platinum silicone is a material that can be molded at room temperature, it allows for greater flexibility in manufacturing processes. For example, we can reduce the dolls’ weight by using foam cores inside. We can also add high-end features like gel-filled breasts, as well as adjust the softness of the buttocks, vagina, and anus.

Silicone dolls can be meticulously airbrushed for body and facial makeup. However, it is important to note that currently, the durability of makeup on silicone dolls is still not very high. Care must be taken during cleaning and usage to avoid extensive fading due to surface friction.

In conclusion, modern silicone dolls combine both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Although they are generally priced higher, they offer a fantastic experience for doll enthusiasts.